A Broken Shop Window

A few years ago I took over the family antique store, it has been in the family for three generations so it felt like I was taking on a lot of responsibility when it was my turn to take the reins. Our store is very popular with tourists, we move product in and out quickly, and thus it doesn’t make sense for us to put products online. Basically, out store and store front is integral to the success of the business.

We were having a busy day, a tour bus had stopped in our town and the store was full when disaster struck. One of the customers small children decided to throw a brass apple, this apple shattered the window of my busy store. I was mortified, to say the least. I had to put on my professional face, and try to cope with the situation while protecting my customers (and of course, trying to not let this effect sales).

One of the employees from the shop next door came over to see what was going on and when they saw the broken front window, ran back next store, and brought me back a number of the glazier who had fixed their window a year earlier when vandals broke in.

Within half an hour of my call the glaziers were at the shop. They took care of everything for me, they cleaned up the glass and made sure that no one would get hurt on the glass. By the time it was time to close up shop (which I was able to operate for the day) the window was replaced. This call seriously turned a disaster into a nothing. I don’t even know what I would have done without the professionals who came and fixed my window.

I can honestly say, making the call was worth it. And I know that if anything should ever happen to my windows again that I wouldn’t even hesitate to make the call.

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